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  09/13/14 at 09:30pm

Hansel, Gretel, Hunter and Red
My creepy version of some fairy tales

I really missed this guys!

  09/13/14 at 06:44pm

Bday gift for my boss!

"Meu cookie brilha" means "my cookie shines", but when you read it in portuguese sounds like "my shining ass" It’s a kind of inside joke on the office where we work :)

  09/11/14 at 10:47pm

Juliette from Shatter Me


  08/25/14 at 11:01pm

Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls!

  08/24/14 at 10:21pm

Fionna the human ~~

  08/23/14 at 11:09pm

Bee and Puppycat

Please, they are awesome.

  08/22/14 at 10:48pm


This is my first drawing for my personal vacay project “1 Day 1 Drawing”

I will probably give up but let’s try :D

  08/21/14 at 04:26pm

Harry Potter mood today 

I was playing Trivia Crack with my grandpa today (not playing at all, but asking some questions from that “feedback area” because he likes quiz games) and a bunch of Harry Potter questions came and so many feels </3

  08/17/14 at 10:25pm

New ID pic!
With my notthatnew short hair! 

  08/15/14 at 09:29pm