Little sneak peek of what I am working now!

  07/18/14 at 05:48pm

Super busy month!
The college’s semester ending is always the same: a lot of work, projects, writings…plus: I have an internship now and I am working on a couple of illustrations about panic, anorexia, depression and other disorders (as you can see above).
I am writing this because I really miss tumblr and needed to post something.

So I will be back in August! SEE YA!

  07/17/14 at 10:48pm

First sketches of a new character 

She doesn’t have a name so I keep calling “She”

  07/07/14 at 11:25pm

Dorothy and Alice
Oz or Wonderland?

Quick drawing tonight ~

  07/03/14 at 11:07pm

When a wild note appears…..

OMG RAINBOW ROWELL REBLOGED MY FANART (not from me, but who cares? It’s Rainbow Rowell!)

I was just cleaning my desk and I left the phone for one second and SO MANY NOTES

I can’t sleep.

Btw Fangirl is a special book for me cause it was the first book in English that I ever read ( I am Brazilian)

And I learnt so much from it - in so many ways!

Random comment cause I am happy!

  07/01/14 at 11:44pm

New tee!
I made this totoro tee for my serigraphy class, my project is about Miyazaki

  06/28/14 at 02:39pm

Kayleigh from Across the Universe

I just want to draw her with some koi fishes

  06/25/14 at 08:51pm

agirlwithapugortwo asked: Hi Clari, I just saw your piece of Cath and Levi and I ADORE it. The lighting from the cell phone is the best part. I really really love it. Great job. Fantastic piece of fanart. :) Have a splendid day :)

Thanks, you made my day splendid! And I am glad that you like the phone’s light <3 

  06/25/14 at 05:25pm

Keep reading Magicath…

So It’s finally done!
Cath and Levi from Fangirl (by Rainbow Rowell)

  06/25/14 at 12:44am

See you Wednesday!

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  06/20/14 at 07:08pm