Bee and Puppycat

Please, they are awesome.

  08/22/14 at 10:48pm


This is my first drawing for my personal vacay project “1 Day 1 Drawing”

I will probably give up but let’s try :D

  08/21/14 at 04:26pm

Harry Potter mood today 

I was playing Trivia Crack with my grandpa today (not playing at all, but asking some questions from that “feedback area” because he likes quiz games) and a bunch of Harry Potter questions came and so many feels </3

  08/17/14 at 10:25pm

New ID pic!
With my notthatnew short hair! 

  08/15/14 at 09:29pm

I am reading Wool by Hugh Howey, it’s an awesome book!

Juliette is a perfect badass!
Lukas is crying all the time but I like him somehow <3

  08/14/14 at 10:12pm

Just a midnight sketch ~~

how I miss tumblr!
But I will be back soon!

  08/11/14 at 10:27am

Ok, I said that I will not post anything until august..


I know I have a lot of work to do, but I really need to draw my stuff too!
This month I read Peter Pan (a aweseme bday gift from monoubli!) and I really wanted to draw Peter with the secret little words to fly!

  07/28/14 at 10:28pm

Anônimo asked: Oh my god I love you.. Your drawings are so amazing!! And they made me start drawing again! Thank you!!

Thanks, this make me happy, keep drawing!

  07/26/14 at 06:22pm

Little sneak peek of what I am working now!

  07/18/14 at 05:48pm

Super busy month!
The college’s semester ending is always the same: a lot of work, projects, writings…plus: I have an internship now and I am working on a couple of illustrations about panic, anorexia, depression and other disorders (as you can see above).
I am writing this because I really miss tumblr and needed to post something.

So I will be back in August! SEE YA!

  07/17/14 at 10:48pm